Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Waterloo Returns

For the first time since February 26th, yesterday, I picked up Waterloo. The yarn, the body and the sleeve-in-progress, were all neatly waiting on my craft table where they had been set aside during the Olympic knitting challenge. I retrieved my note book with the written, row-by-row instructions for the colour-work pattern and was ready to knit. With just one, little, but, oh-so-important, missing detail . What row was I on?

Yesterday, I gave you the 2009 date when I had hung out laundry for the first time that spring. And if you were to ask, I could tell you the date for each year back to - well, actually, I am embarrassed to tell you how many years back I could go. All of it due to my 'anally-retentive' record keeping.

But did I write down what row I had just finished when I set Waterloo down for three weeks? Nope! So the counting began. Remember, it is a 32 row repeat. Thank goodness for that one bright orange row. It made a great marker. Once I thought I had the right row, I checked off coloured stitches in that row, comparing them to the chart. Knitting was only delayed by 30 minutes or so. And once I started, it did feel good to have Waterloo back in my hands. With the first sleeve two-thirds finished and my goal-setting skills revved to new heights from the Olympic challenge, I am setting a goal to have this warm, heavy sweater finished before the weather heats up enough to encourage small-project knitting.

As a post script - I think the true definition of 'early spring' is "A day warm and sunny enough to enjoy sitting on our south-facing deck, but having to wade through two feet of snow to retrieve the lawn chairs from the shed."

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Laurie said...

Love your definition of "early spring"! This year, mine is quite similar, as we had the snowiest February on record here in Ohio. Soon will come my annual spring tradition of "lufting" - every St. Patrick's Day, I open all the windows in the house for one hour, weather bedamned. Some years, it's been fun watching the snowflakes dance around the living room. :-) Happy knitting - Waterloo is gorgeous!