Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor

It seems I am not the only knitter struggling to get up to speed after the marathon that was the Olympic challenge.

Today, not one knitter showed up with finished knitting. Most unusual for the prodigious Meaford knitters.

There were lots of 'starts' though. So I give you 'in progress' shots of ribbing.

Lois has mittens in progress to match her Olympic hat.
Sharon has started a top down cardigan from Button Up Your Top Down.

Wilma intends to knit a scarf to wear with her spring coat. Good start, Wilma.

Gloria has started a baby cardigan.
Not even Pat had finished a toy. Just the pants to show for her week's knitting.

Survivor tonight. Finally, people caught on to Cirie. Last time she played, it seemed so obvious to this home viewer that she should go, but no amount of couch coaching could induce them to vote her off. This time around they figured her out. It takes one to know one and Cirie proved that with her "Good for you." as she left for home.

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