Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Two Sleeves!!

What do you see here? (From this end I do see it. Apparently 'blogger' fixed the image -download problem.)
A sleeve, you might say.

But really a sleeve atop a sleeve. There are two!!! Both sleeves done!!!
Poor Waterloo really suffered from the break I took to 'perform' in the Olympics. My motivation waned and despite believing (you know - 'I Believe') that the Olympics had ramped up my goal setting/achieving skills, I found it a struggle to stay focused on finishing that second sleeve. But, at last, they are both done.

Sleeve number one is slightly wider at the top than sleeve number two. Having finished the first I decided on a narrower sleeve. The plan is to sew up a bit of a width-reducing seam at the top of sleeve number one. Hope that idea works.

Now it's off to the state of steeking, although that journey might not happen until after Easter. Between now and our family get together on Good Friday, I have a pedicure appointment, a hair cut appointment, one day of work at the yarn shop, and knit group. The house should -but probably won't - be cleaned. Then there is my contribution to the pot luck meal at my sister's house - scalloped potatoes and sweet potatoes to feed 16.

Thankfully, sleeves don't unravel through waiting.


Sel and Poivre said...

I see it!

Sandra said...

I love the colours of Waterloo - can't wait to see it done, whenever that is.