Friday, March 19, 2010

Recipe Day

No knitting content today. Instead, I give you a fantastic new recipe. Fantastic especially if you are under ten, or hosting anyone under ten.

Abi, my 8 year old grand daughter told me about this recipe and we HAD to make it right now.

Fresh Strawberries
White Chocolate Chips - melted
Sprinkles - in rainbow colours

Wash and dry berries (The chocolate won't stick if berries are wet. Did you know that Grandma?)
Roll each berry in melted white chocolate
Roll each berry in sprinkles

Perfect presentation.


nicki said...

Yummy...I'll have to try it.

Vera said...

Can I come too????
Brenda, you asked about my cartoons. I sometimes google them and some of them come through email. It's fun to find them.

Laurie said...

Yum...too bad I've already had my berries for today. Must remember this.

Sel and Poivre said...

For a while now I've been aware that the majority of 8 year old girls count as among the most certain, most competent people in the world. It strikes me your granddaughter utterly looks the part in that photo!