Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The After-Low

There hasn't been much knitting here since the close of the Olympics. One reason being that my 13 year old niece, Christie, played hooky and came up to ski for a couple of days. The other reason is my arm. My knitting arm.

Christie, being 50 years younger than me, has mega ski-leg endurance. Miles more than I do. Riding the lift, she asked me if I hurt anywhere. "Not anyplace that might be attributed to all this skiing", I replied. "But my knitting arm really hurts." Christie snorted.

To give the arm a rest, last night, instead of knitting, I did this. Or these.
Ten gold medals for the ten Meaford Knitting Olympians that took up my challenge, like the good sports they are, and not only entered, but also - and all - finished their projects. I will present them tomorrow at knit group. Pictures at eleven on Thursday.


Sel and Poivre said...

Brenda every time I drop by here I find something link worthy!

Those "medals" are brilliant!

Sandra said...

Excellent medals - and a really nice thing for you to do.
And, thanks to you, I've ordered the Green Sweater Pattern from Schoolhouse Press. Yours just looks so great, I had to make it myself.