Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Picture's Worth ??

The Chinese have known a lot of stuff about a lot of things for a lot of time. But I'm not sure that in this case a picture is worth much.

Laurie and Marie both commented on my newly-refinished Green Sweater with it's applied I-Cord. Marie asked if the sweater 'looked' any different and Laurie asked for pictures.

To answer Marie, the sweater looks much the same to me.
The I-Cord being knit with the same yarn as the sweater, doesn't stand out. When I did the first buttonhole 'loop' as the instruction page pictured it - like a little circle - it seemed bulky to me. So I made a design decision and created buttonhole 'openings' not loops.

The I-Cord was applied until arriving at the location for a buttonhole, then worked unattached for the distance of the buttonhole, then re-applied until the next buttonhole. It creates a very unobtrusive little opening. Lovely, I think.
Not being able to markedly see what was changed, many knitters might ask if it was worth the effort. Maybe this is where the picture is worth a thousand words, because, for me, the word is 'yes'.


Sel and Poivre said...

That is a very ingenious decision you made and it looks terrific!

The thing about your year with EZ is it both seems fitting that you first embrace HER pattern but then, just as I'm sure she would suggest, make good, informed decisions as to how to work YOUR sweater.

I'm very glad to posted a pic!

Sandra said...

I'm so glad you posted this - I plan on making this sweater soon (maybe with the Rowan, maybe with some Briggs and Little I may order...) and I really like this adaptation of the buttonholes.

freshisle said...

What a neat idea!
And yes, you still deserve your medal.

Zieknits said...

Lovely finish! EZ would approve.

Needles said...

I love the way it turned out. Perfect idea.

LaurieM said...

It's slick. I like it.

The button holes are now and organic part of the whole.

Thanks for the pics.

Laurie said...

It looks great, and I agree with LaurieM's post - the buttonholes look like part of the whole.

Kim said...

Looks great!