Friday, November 6, 2009

Tomorrow I Wear This

Not normally ahead of the game on what I wear when, tomorrow is an exception.
I am wearing this.
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Lady Grey. And I have been busy this week knitting a scarf to decorate it with. The scarf's not finished, but I think I'll make it.

Why is it so important to wear Lady Grey tomorrow? Because I'm spending the morning with DEB GEMMELL!!!

Deb Gemmell of 'the gifted Gemmells'. Deb Gemmell of Cabin Fever. Deb Gemmell, designer of Lady Grey and author of my much-loved pattern book -

Deb is coming to the Grey Heron yarn store where I work to do a workshop on - what else? Top Down sweater construction. Participants are going to make a teeny, top down sweater. I am so excited.

Have I made top down sweaters before? Of course. Is the method new to me? Of course not. So --- If 'I've been there done that', why am I so excited?

I never pass up an opportunity to spend time with someone famous in the knitting world. Someone part of the 'larger world of knitters' than me.

How often does someone of Deb's caliber come to our small area? Not very often! You can bet I wouldn't miss it.
Will I learn anything? I don't care. Just being in the presence of a designer so talented is enough for me. Just being given the opportunity to bask in her knitterly sunshine is enough for me. It's a peek into a world that is not normally part of my knitting life.

My wardrobe for the day is planned. Lady Grey will look spiffy. Worn over the new brown shirt I purchased on Wednesday,and hopefully decorated with a new scarf. I'm ready. I'm excited. Pictures next week.


Sel and Poivre said...

Man o man - you've got spiffy newly decorated knit group digs, famous knit designers coming to town - I miss two days of your posts and there's a mountain of exiciting knit knews to catch up on! Have a great time at the workshop - I couldn't agree more with your motivation to attend - Enjoy!

Anonymous said...
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freshisle said...

Lucky you! Hope you have a great day.

Unknown said...

Have a great time! You look wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Loved the course. Great meeting you! Gerry