Friday, November 13, 2009

Car Knitting

Monday of this week, I had a great car trip down to Toronto and back. Since I wasn't driving, there was lots of time to knit.

This came off the needles.
The Northern Lights hat
from this book
loved by our knit group.

The butterscotch yarn is Rejuvenation. 100% wool from Kertzer. A nice inexpensive wool that would make a great substitute for Patons Classic Merino. Rejuvenation seems to be a bit more tightly spun, so perhaps won't have the pilling problem that I've always found with Classic.

The white in my hat is Alpaca, left over from my Elann Autumn sampler pack. And the brown is a long-ago discontinued super wash wool called Muskoka.

A fast knit and a nice hat. A great, easy-to-follow pattern. And just to prove that I did indeed knit this one in the car, look at the coffee stains.
Happy weekend knitting.


Vera said...

I like your hats! They look so nice and look fairly easy to knit. I still have not progressed from socks :-)

freshisle said...

Very nice hat.
I have that problem with Patons Classic Merino, too. I love to knit with it, but it does pill badly.