Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursdays Are For Knit group And Survivor

Photos are courtesy of Wilma today. The batteries on my camera died as I went to snap the first photo of the day at knit group. Such wonderful knitting and no pictures. Then Wilma offered to send me pics of her knitting from home later in the day. Thank you Wilma.

Here is the darling little sweater with the applied 'toques'.
Already winging it's way across the country to the western provinces for Wilma's grand daughter.

Wilma also finished a shawl.
Zieknits who visited us from Indiana earlier in the fall
was wearing this shawl - the Mini Weavers Shawl. It seemed like an easier knit than the lace- weight Alpaca shawls Wilma and I purchased at the Knitters Fair. The fact that this one is finished and the Alpaca ones are not, confirms it.

I can show you this picture of a couple of weeks ago
and tell you that Sharon has now finished her hubby's top down sweater. It's gorgeous and we still think it takes a strong man to wear 'Merlot/Claret/plum.

Gail has a lot more done on her top down that this picture of a few weeks ago shows,
but has discovered that her gauge is w-a-a-ay off. The sweater would fit a giant. Gail says that a frog is calling her name.

As for Survivor. That Russell, the guy I couldn't stand in the first few episodes, is growing on me. Or I've become inured to his nastiness. How many idols has he found now?


Sandra said...

3 idols. And I am loth to admit it, he's growing on me as well...
I still want to see the reunion show to see how they all react to him...

Anonymous said...

You both have generous hearts...for sure he's clever and understands human nature, but I wouldn't turn my back on him. I think he'd stab anyone in the back if it suited his purposes. Would guess he's been ruthless in his climb to millionaire-dom. Aren't I cynical?! :) He makes for great drama on the show, tho!

Gina C.

Vera said...

Now I would like Russel to go to the end but not win (He seems to have enough money already) The game is about surviving and only one person can win. I don't think anybody could win without backstabing