Monday, November 2, 2009

Divorce Is In My Future

People divorce people, so I'm certain a knitter can divorce herself from a project.

This one.
I purchased this kit at the KW Knitters Fair. It was my first purchase of the day, and I was in love.

I loved the colour. I loved the ethereal,Alpaca, lace-weight yarn. I loved the style of the back,without a point. And I loved the price. $10 for the kit - yarn and pattern. So I bought it.

Wilma, who was wandering the show with me at that point in time, bought the same kit in the same colour. We were both in love.

But since that time, the blush of first love has faded. The pattern is written by a knitter way smarter than me. Well, that is my polite way of saying "What the heck alien language has been used to write this pattern"? The pattern begins at the centre neck with a teeny, tiny strip of stitches. You turn that teeny, tiny strip of stitches and work around the rectangle created by those minuscule stitches. While not the first time I have started a shawl like that, it took a few 'trys' to understand what the pattern was trying to tell me.

From there it was pretty clear sailing until I reached the 12 row section in the middle of the shawl. There are double wrapped stitches in that section. Like those Doreen did in her scarf from this post. Except that in this pattern, there are also yarn overs along the way to shape the shawl. Not normally a problem except the translation from that alien language is so poor that it took another few 'trys' to understand that section.

Now, just a few rows past all that,
I can look forward to doing those 12 rows again, near the bottom of the shawl and on a
K - Zillion stitches.

When the project is such that I have to discipline myself to knit on it, (" You can't go out to play until you've knit on that shawl") I think it's time for a divorce. But mostly, it is the yarn I want to be divorced from. I have promised myself to never buy lace weight yarn again. I can't 'feel' the yarn in my fingers. Which means I have to look at really squint at every stitch. My eyes get tired just thinking about it.

Wilma tells me she wants a divorce too. And she was so in love that she returned to the same booth later in the day and purchased another kit. A black one. Oops. I'm not laughing, really.


Team Knit said...

definitely divorce the project if you aren't enjoying it! life's too short for knitting that doesn't give us joy.

- Julie

LaurieM said...

Maybe you'd enjoy knitting lace-weight in a simpler project?

It's still a lovely yarn. You could always hold the lace-weight together with a strand of mohair for something more substantial.

Vera said...

Oh brother, just looking at that turns my stomach!! Maybe this is a "leaveright" there!!