Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor

Christmas bazaars have the knitters Doreen in a frenzy . She had a sack of almost-finished, hand-knit, 'bazaar' items, with almost-finished being the scary words here. She has lots to do before her Saturday bazaar.

A couple of weeks ago, Doreen ordered a pompom maker from Mary Maxim. When told the item would arrive in a week, she almost had knitters apoplexy. We tried to tell her that pom poms can be made without a specific tool, but for Doreen, it is a skill that escapes her. She really!! needed that pom pom maker. It has arrived and here is her first 'perfect' pom pom.
Cute hat too, Doreen.
Christmas is definitely in the air. Wilma finished a pair of 'texting' mitts for her 16 year old grand son.
So cute. Er well, I mean - so cool! No 16 year old boy wants 'cute'

Nell, as usual is knitting for the mission. This year, she has dressed 50 dolls in hand knit or crocheted clothing. She says she sometimes opens her front door or lifts the mail box lid to find a naked doll. Her friends know that she will clothe it and send it off to make a child happy.

Being the girl I am, I found it irresistible that she even makes underwear for the dolls.
Nell says that her husband doesn't like to see naked dolls lying around the house, so the first thing she knits for the doll is new undies.

Ingrid was wearing a beautiful piece today. Points at the sleeve tips and lower edges. Cables running down the sleeves. Very couture.

And in the category of 'No!' Fred caught a second Rainbow Trout today.
2006 - no fish. 2007 - no fish. 2008 - no fish. 2009 - two fish! He's happy.

As for Survivor, was that a smart move for Russell to tell he had the idol? And to play it? I can't see the 'smart' in that. Tonight should be interesting.


Jim L said...

Yo Fred
Way to go. Your Rainbow record sounds SO familiar. I fished for them for 4 years berore landing one. Then they came regularly. Then I moved. AND, I have never a fall run Steelhead.

LaurieM said...

I like really like Ingrid's piece. Her whole outfit is really pulled together.

Last night's survivor was great!! Best one I've seen in a while.

I think it's easier in retrospect to say weather he should or should not have played the idol last week than it would have been in the moment. How many times have we seen someone go home with the idol in their pocket after all?

Unknown said...

You had me with the knitted doll underwear. I almost laughed myself out of my chair. Too adorable!

freshisle said...

I love that underwear, too!

Congratulations, Fred!