Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Knitters know a good knit when they see one.  Well, I can't speak for all knitters, but  Meaford knitters recognize that 'special' pattern.  Today's wardrobe choices  proved that for sure.

Gail, arrived first, wearing her Sit Com Chic cardi.
This cardi is a great  knit.  Easy to knit , a good fit and just  enough  detail to kick it up a notch beyond the  plain raglan.    I've knit one.   Gail has knit two, this green one  in Baby Bamboo.   Lovely, soft and drapey.

Then Wilma arrived wearing her Sit Com Chic.    A 'twin ' photo-op was just too irresistible.

From sweaters to scarves.  Sharon came in wearing her lovely Noro,  Entrelac scarf.   Such wonderful colours in that Noro.
She is also modelling for you, the Alpaca mittlets, I knit.  Sharon picked them up on one of my
'giveaways' and wears them often she claims.   

Next to arrive was  Nicki - and  what was she  wearing?  Her Noro sock yarn, Entrelac scarf.  Another twin photo op.
Nicki isn't fond of having her picture taken and this one came with the added blurb - "That's for you, Mom."    Mom being blog-reading,  Vera on Vancouver Island.

Surprising everyone today, was Ingrid.  She  had been  helping a loved one move to Victoria  and wasn't  expected home  until closer to Christmas.   What was she wearing?   What else - but a lovely Koigu shawl.  Welcome Home, Ingrid.

It is so nice to see knitters wearing their creations.   But when one knits with  lovely yarn like Bamboo, Koigu  and Noro, who could resist wearing them?


Sel and Poivre said...

'Just in from walking the dog - the house smells of the dinner all ready to go so I have time to sit down and catch up with "The Group"!

What a day of Finished Objects you had!

freshisle said...

I love your knit group posts. Such a talented group!

Vera said...

Great sweaters and shawls. Thanks, Brenda, for the picture ☺☺

Anonymous said...

Wow, fantastic knits...and knitters!


Zieknits said...

Beautiful knits. Beautiful knitters.

Missing you all, and Meaford. Pretty tree behind Ingrid!

Yarn and Ivories said...

What wonderful FO pics! Each one is a treat, and very nicely displayed. You should all be on the run-way!