Monday, November 7, 2011

I Had So Much Fun

Saturday was a very special day.    London Yarns, where I worked while living in London, celebrated it's 20th anniversary.

Being in business for 20 years is not to be sneezed at,  no matter   the type of business.  But small businesses  especially, and doubly especially,  yarn stores,  are not always long-lasting enterprises.  To celebrate 20 years, is very special.

Janet and her Mom,  Katy-Lu,
owners of London Yarns, called me back in the summer to tell me of the event and asked, as a previous employee, would I be able to attend.  Are you kidding?  I wouldn't  miss it for the world. 

By the busy  hectic  activity in the store from the moment the door's opened, it would seem that Janet's customers were also happy to take in the party celebrating  her 20 years in business.

All-too-kind Janet had sent out a customer email saying that previous-employee Brenda, (Janet always referred to me as her  'fearless knitter')  would be at the  party.  As a result, some of my London hiking, knitting buds dropped by.  Good to see you Diane (Trish - sorry I forgot the camera when you were in.)

New friend, blog-reading, sock- knitting fan,  Deb stopped in to meet me and say "Hi."

There was cake 


and cake cutting ceremonies.

New staff to meet

and the 'one -in-every-crowd'  member of the staff who never wants her picture taken.
Sorry, Dianne.  I couldn't resist.

Add to all this, a well-stocked store,

my dear friend Patti-Ann who shared so many Mondays with me at the store,

and amidst the revellers a Learn To Crochet class
 and you might have already guessed  - as I announced to Fred as soon as I opened the door - "I.  Had.  So.  Much.  Fun."

Thanks Janet for the invitation, and may you continue to sell yarn in good health for another 20 years. 

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Oneday Designs said...

I would have liked to be there, but was far far away on the boat. As an employee of London Yarns since l989, I was especially thinking of you all throughout the day.