Friday, November 11, 2011

Remembrance Day 2011

Last night I attended 'Women and War' at Meaford Hall, where four women spoke of their war and/or military experiences. 

The first to speak was a young female soldier who served for seven months in Afghanistan in 2010. Her heart-warming stories of the young children and the women of the villages revealed to us a softer side of the  military.

Next , was the story of a young woman who along with her husband, were among the many families forced from their land in 1942 to make way for  the Meaford Tank Range (known today as the Land Forces Area Training Base, Meaford).    Most families were farmers and they were forced to leave their farms  just as harvest-time approached.   Although some thought they would be allowed to return after the war, that was never to be.   The speaking role in that tribute was performed by the grand daughter of the young woman featured in the story.  She concluded by introducing that lady - her Grandma  - to the audience. 

Next was  an interview with a female, airplane mechanic.  An English lady who 'signed up' looking for adventure.  She was one of four, female,  airplane mechanics - grease monkeys, she called the four - to inspect and repair the allied planes. 

Last,  was a speech by  local Silver Cross Mother, Carol Mitchell.  Carol had two children.  Her oldest son  was killed while serving  in Afghanistan.  He 'knew' he wouldn't return and spoke to both his Mother and his wife about what to do in the event of his death.  The one thing he asked of them  was to never blame the military.  He said  "They are my family.  I will never be lonely."    While her oldest son was serving in  Afghanistan, her youngest son was diagnosed with brain  cancer.   He made the decision to not to tell his brother,  so as not to interfere with his mindset while serving in  Afghanistan.  Both boys are now gone and you  can read Carol's her story   here

It was a memorable evening. 

Lest we forget.

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What a great program and a great review. Thanks for sharing. I also enjoyed the Thursday knit group review too. Gorgeous big red!