Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One Thing Leads To Another

My good friend Patti-Ann is a wonderful knitter.  But last year she lost - what she calls - her 'mojo'.

What's a knitter to do when she loses her 'mojo'?   Many,  I think, do as Patti-Ann did.  She took up spinning.  Only dreaming about it at first  until her  husband bought her a wheel.   Now she is both a wonderful knitter and a wonderful spinner. 

And lucky me.  She gave me the special gift of one of her first 'perfect' efforts.   100 grams  of   hand-spun in a wool-silk blend and  the most wonderful shade of  fresh, delicate  green.  Perfect for a scarf. 

To me, the yarn said things like - delicate, lacey,  precious.  None of which normally  ever describes the things I knit.  But the yarn deserved it and so I searched for the perfect pattern that wouldn't suffer too much from my clumsy attempt at anything delicate, lacey or precious.  I chose My First Lace Scarf  from Sally Melvilles book Warm Knits, Cool Gifts.  
Not a lace knitter by a long shot, I figured I could probably handle a pattern called 'my first' anything. And Sally's  pattern was wonderful.  Easy to memorize despite it's eight-row repeat, and easy to 'see'.  A must for me. 

Started in the midst of the tedium of the teeny, tiny knitting of Ombre, I now have almost six feet of gorgeous, soft, lacey,  precious, delicate green wonderfulness to wrap around my neck.

It is beautiful - even in it's un-blocked state.  Thanks, Patti-Ann.


LaurieM said...

That looks fabulous! Lovely spinning, lovely knitting.

How did she learn to spin so well so fast?

Sandra said...

It's gorgeous now, and will be stunning when it blocks - I love what blocking does to lace!

Sel and Poivre said...

You probably can't actually hear me gasping as I scrolled down to that last photo but gasp is what I did! Its fabulous! How did you keep 6' of gorgeous stuff like that from us all this time?

LynS said...

It's wonderful to have friends who spin, isn't it? You seem to me to have made a perfect pattern choice for the yarn. Lace knitting brings its own particular pleasures.

Anonymous said...

Looking verrrry pretty!!


Needles said...

There now. And weren't you just telling me that you weren't a lace knitter?

You are. Just not of the cobwebby stuff. Its stunning!

Tell your friend that I am wishing to be as good of a spinner as she is. Great job.