Monday, November 21, 2011

The Need For Speed

After two months of knitting teeny, tiny yarn, I certainly felt the 'need for speed'.  Translate that into knitting terms and  read  - chunky yarn, simple pattern, simple garment.

With those thoughts in mind,  look what ended up in my shopping bag.  

James Brett Marble, chunky,  ACRYLIC!!!   I can't believe I did that.  And in blues and purples.  My friend Nicki who frequently challenges me  to wear something other than my normal colours of browns, greens, oranges and beiges, thought I had finally taken her advice.  Sorry, Nicki, this is for the gift exchange at the family Christmas.

At the 20th Anniversary celebrations at London Yarns, I spotted the scarf on display.     Perhaps it was the orange, greens and browns of their yarn choice that caught my eye, but I loved it. 

"Is there a pattern?"  I asked.   Janet's talented staff like to do a bit of designing on the side.  The pattern they handed me was designed by Cathy
and contains 14!!!  one-row scarf  patterns.    Holy Doodle!! 14 for the price of one.
"Why 14?" I asked Cathy, thinking that five would have been enough to make the pattern sell like hotcakes.

"I burnt out," she said.    No kidding.  14 patterns, with separate instructions and yardage requirements  to  knit each in either  DK, KW or Chunky weight yarn - heck that was 42 samples she had to knit.  Burnt out indeed!

Acrylic or not, it fit my post-Ombre, need for speed. Started Thursday at knit group and finished Sunday evening, I have a 75 x 8 inch scarf in beautiful colours, that no one can complain 'itches'.   
My dilemma now is whether to block or not.  The stitches need the  bit of separation that a good blocking would give.  Since steam blocking is my preferred blocking method,  I will  have to be careful that the    plastic   acrylic stitches don't melt.    I don't want my need for speed to go unsatisfied.



Joansie said...

There are so many beautiful colorways in the acrylic yarn world today. I will cave in if I'm knitting for a child where washer/dryer is the way to go.

Chunky yarn....great for quick holiday knitting projects!

Nice scarf! For you?

LizzieK8 said...

Marble Chunky is one of the best sellers at my LYS. I adore it! Blocking is easy...throw it in the washer and dryer. It'll come out even softer than it was and all the stitches uniform.