Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursdays Are For Knit Group - Survivor In The Fall

Knit group was a loud affair today. One late-arriving knitter said it sounded like a party happening as she climbed the stairs.

Maybe because our boisterous knitter,Pat, rested and looking good, is back from her trip to Nova Scotia. Apparently the relatives down that way 'stole' the socks she was knitting. This pair, she declared she's keeping for herself. Keep your eyes on your needles Pat -those are my colours.

Sharon finished her Top Down cabled sweater and hat.
Made with Naturelle, 100% wool in a lovely off white, we sure hope 'Mom' knows how to launder hand knits.

Bonnie struggles still with assembling her little cardi. Nicki tried to help her make sense of the origami-like garment but when it came time to go home, Bonnie was still sweater-less.

Sandy is having a knitter's moment with some Sari Silk.
From Nepal, the yarn is spun from re-cycled saris. I just happen to have a little Sari Shawl pattern in my pattern stash, so Sandy's in luck.

Sandy's sister sent bags of unwanted yarn. We love Sandy's sister. I'll show you my haul tomorrow.

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Laurie said...

Ooooohhhh...unwanted lucky gal!!!

I'm with Bonnie on the assembly issue. Even with straightforward, un-origami-ish designs, I stare...repin...stare...repin forever before I get it right. I should always do sweaters in the round so I never have to figure out how they go together.