Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor

Knitter Sandy B spends half the year in Florida. Just nicely back in the land of the thawing north, she invited us to her home, today, for lunch. Sixteen ladies, knitters all, eating pot luck finger foods at the dining room table in Sandy's beautiful Victorian home. That's knit group to the max

Sharon sitting in front of that wonderful Victorian vignette wears her newly completed, purple Top Down sweater.

Here's our gracious host, Sandy B, between Sandy P and Doreen.

Some of the early arrivals patiently waiting to dig in.

Between courses there was knitting.

and time for Sharon to show off her exquisite, hand-felted, silk scarf.
Pat, showed her English bringing a Sherry Trifle. Heavy on the Sherry. Before serving, she took time to warn us not to drive after eating. She needn't have worried. It was really heavy on the Sherry. No one could have driven anywhere.
Now, Survivor. There are a couple that have Russell figured out. Too bad they can't convince the others.

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Sandra said...

Russell is a bald faced liar! I was glad to see Candace go, and Parvati was a bit pissed, so this next week should be interesting...