Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thank You Giselle

That Crafty Beaded Knitter is one smart lady.

I took her advise to wet block the ribbing of my Sit Com Cardi. Being lazy, I only blocked the lower ribbed portion and I did it by the wet block method. That is, I soaked the area to be blocked then pinned it out. Wet blocking, in my mind, is a much more severe blocking method than steam blocking. 'Sit Com', into some severe curling, required severe blocking.
Drying can sometimes take a long time, especially when pinned to my thick foam. Being in a hurry anxious to see the results, I set the blocking board with 'Sit Com' attached out in the sun while I attended a noon meeting, yesterday.

Home from the meeting, 'Sit Com' was dry and ready to be tested. Here it is hanging vertically - as it will be on me - over the back of a chair.
Wowsy! What a difference. Having hung there over night, this morning, it seems still slightly defiant, so a second soaking might be in order, but it is a thousand times better than it was. Where would I be without blog readers?

And a post script for all those worried about our reverse weather patterns. Fred left Monday for Hearst - 11 hours north of our home on Southern Georgian Bay - to spend a couple of weeks fishing and playing with the Grand Kids. The temperature was 26' when he arrived. Today, he tells me it is to be 30'. I stayed home because I thougth 11 hours north would be colder! Dang!


Laurie said...

The sweater is behaving nicely. It's a shame you can't block husbands and kids and get the same result. LOL!!!

Anne Campbell said...

Isn't it great when a simple solution works? That looks perfectly usable now. Congratulations!

Gisella said...

I am so pleased that my idea worked for you! That's great.
Thank you very much for the lovely reference and link back to my blog - I can't believe that I only just now realised that I hadn't thanked you before! You are very kind.
In the UK the colder weather is with us again so I caught the constant knitting bug again. Isn't it wonderful!