Monday, May 17, 2010

Survivor Cardi

Despite being named the 'Sit Com Cardi' by designer Bonnie Marie Burns, my cardi, having viewed 4 hours of Survivor since last Thursday, should maybe be re-named the 'Survivor Cardi'.

There aren't too many evenings of TV viewing in my year that beat the Survivor Finale. Last night was no exception. And!! Russell lost again. Not one vote!! Wake up Russell. There is a social side to the game. I'm convinced that people make most of life's decisions, using their heart, not their mind. Russell doesn't know or chooses to ignore that.

Even using the finer Dk weight yarn - a slower knit at 22 stitches than the called for heavy worsted at 18 stitches, my Cardi is racing towards completion. Famous last words perhaps, but the body is now done to the underarms.
Here you can see my toe holding down the curling rib. The pattern calls for 3 rows of 1 x 1 rib. With my smaller gauge I probably should have done 4 or 5 rows because this bottom is not just curling, it appears to have gotten a perm! I might have to snip the body a couple of rows above the ribbing, rip down to the cast on row, then re-knit , using ribbing for 5 rows instead of three.

I tried 5 rows of ribbing on the sleeve -
here seen at about 11 of the required 14 inches - as a test and there is no curling. Mind you, the sleeve has substantially fewer stitches and is knit in the round. Does that mean 5 rows work here, but still might not be enough on the body?

It is certainly fun to work up such a quick knit. Definite progress seen after each knitting session. Quite a change from the Waterloo Fairisle and the Gaggle of Garter Tomten. Sit Com or Survivor watching, speed is a great thing for a summer sweater, given the fact that I never start them early enough.


Sandra said...

I'm not sure even 5 rows will be enough, considering how much 3 rows are curling...
And seeing Russell sit there and not get even a single vote was priceless. As someone said to him - "you play well enough to get to the end, but you'll never win because of how you play". I was disappointed that the fans voted him best player. He's insufferable.

Gisella said...

I ran foul of curling hems too, in a bamboo/merino blend that I thought would never uncurl!
Try pre-blocking it: moisten down (just the hem is fine) and lay flat. Weigh down if necessary, and leave to dry. Or, depending on the fibre, you might be able to try a little bit of a press with an iron instead, very carefully! Either should give you a good idea if the three ribbed rows might uncurl with proper blocking.
Hope that helps.