Friday, May 28, 2010

Sue's Gift

Sandy's sister Sue - we affectionately refer to her as the bag lady - sent pounds and pounds of yarn to knit group yesterday.

Sue is a craftsperson of extraordinary talent. Her specialty is felted bags. Here is her picture from last September's Knitters Fair with one of her wonderful creations.

Like most knitters, she grows tired of her stash from time to time. Lucky for us, she has chosen our group as her personal stash disposal site. Thanks Sue. We LOVE your 'cast offs'.

The tables at knit group were covered - I mean covered - yesterday when I arrived. Sandy had done a fantastic job of displaying the yarns by colour. It meant I could just stay at the green table.

Nicki whispered conspiratorially in my ear, as soon as I started my search. "I grabbed some greens for you in case you got here too late." Now that's a friend for you. She opened her bag and I 'oohed' and gave her a big kiss.

Look at my haul.

There are 4 balls of Twilleys Freedom Spirit.
This is a current yarn and a current colour. We sell it at the store so I can top up my 4 balls, should I decide I need more. Thanks, Sue.

These are 4, 28 G balls of Patons Moorland. It is navy tweed, 100% wool in a lovely DK weight.
This, like the Twilleys is a yarn from Great Britain. Certainly not the Patons from Canada we know and love love to hate.

Then there are 2 lovely, Uruguayan, hand-spun, kettle-dyed, balls of green with bits of orange. This is a chunky weight yarn with 128 metres per ball. Last time Sue sent yarn, I grabbed 2 identical balls, one of which I used last winter to knit the Spiral Mitts. Now I have 3 balls - or 4 again, if I unravel the mitts. No, I wouldn't do that!

Thanks, Sue. Everyone appreciated you generosity. We look forward to your next de-stashing.


Laurie said...

That green Freedom Spirit is one of my all-time favorite yarns! I have a shawl, a hat, fingerless gloves, and a cowl all knit from it. I'm working on a scarf, and who knows what next? I once saw a lovely lavender Freedom Spirit in a shop, but it was gone when I went back for it, and I've never found it again. It was just as perfect as the green.

Lucky you - what a great haul!!!

Karen said...

Nice Sue and nice Nicki. It's wonderful to have kind knitterly friends, isn't it!!!!