Monday, May 31, 2010

Road Work

The highway between Thornbury and Meaford is under construction - passing lanes are being constructed.

Early this morning, when I attempted to post, it didn't occur to me that my lack of internet and phone service might be connected to the road work. Listening to the news at noon, I learned that the cable had been sliced at the highway construction site. Hmmmph! I was not impressed. So anxious was I this morning to post about my new summer cardi, that I spent w-a-a-y too much time on the floor, in the confined space behind the desk, dripping sweat on this hottest day of the year, while I unplugged and re-plugged computer cable connections. I must get over this notion that computer problems are always my fault.

Feeling better and less frustrated now, thank you, I give you Sit Com Chic.

Sit Com is very chic indeed.

Sit Com has the makings of a great sweater template. It fits well and is a straight forward design that would easily lend itself to adaption. I can see my self making this one again.

Sit Com Chic - Details
I made the 40" size. That is my standard for a light sweater with a couple of inches of ease.
Sit Com is knit in one piece from the bottom up. It starts a couple of inches smaller than the bust, with increases beginning at the waist to take the sweater to it's finished size.

The yarn I used was Cotton Tweed by Cabin Fever. I loved it. It had never previously been on my radar because of the high - 55% - Acrylic content. But I stand corrected. This is a lovely yarn. It knits nicely and has great drape. It is a bit warmer than pure cotton might be, but for a cool summer evening, I think the sweater will be just perfect. In fact, I can see this blend being a perfect weight for many months of the year.
Only one, but it was a big one. I used DK weight yarn instead of Knitting Worsted. That meant there was a bit of math involved to change all the KW numbers - cast on, cast off, decreases, increases - to DK numbers appropriate for my yarn. Fortunately, the pattern had great graphics, which allowed me to cross reference my numbers with measurements.

Oops two mods. The pattern calls for a 2 row reverse stockinet edging along the front bands. It wasn't enough to prevent the fronts from serious curling, so I worked 4 rows of garter stitch instead.

I'm very pleased with this sweater - the side order to my main menu of spending the year with Elizabeth Zimmermann. The colour is neutral enough to go with most things in my closet, it fits well, the one-button closure is very trendy and it's done! Now back to Elizabeth.


Anne Campbell said...

That is a very nice looking sweater! I do like the closure. Bonne Marie is a very good designer. I think the yarn is very attractive looking in a subtle way, and I bet it does go with a lot. Congratulations!

Sel and Poivre said...

Ohhhh I love the yoke detail!

I too have computer and Blogger problems - 'got posts, can't put em up! (I also got sweaty doing the cord crawl this morning!)

Laurie said...

I LOVE this sweater, and I can see where it would lend itself to a variety of stitch patterns. I'm remembering a wonderful yarn I had in the 80s...Phildar grey...and wish I had some now. It would make a fabulous Sitcom cardigan!