Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor

Bleh! would be the most accurate description for our rainy, cool, weather today. Fewer knitters arrived for knit group and we asked - Is it the weather, other commitments or the fact that there was no delicious lunch being served such as we had last week at Sandy B's?
We know the pull food can have.

Knitting was no less interesting though. We all puzzled over Nicki's piece. Knit like this

but put together like this. She thinks.
It will look like this when finished. She hopes.

Gloria is our #2 doll knitter. Look at the time consuming details on this one.
Hair of knitted loops. Buttons. Bow tie. Patches. Braces. Flowers. 'Fiddly' is the word Gloria used.

We have a lovely picture of Doreen - complete with smile. Her grand daughter Brooklyn visited over Mothers' Day and asked Doreen if she had stopped coming to knit group as she hadn't seen her picture on the blog lately. Here is a great picture of your Grandma, Brooklyn
and my apologies. I will try to remember to capture Doreen's beautiful face more often.

Gail has the two fronts finished and this much of the back of her new sweater complete.
The Baby Bamboo drapes nicely and is so-o-o soft. Should make a beautiful summer cardigan, Gail.

Now to Survivor. Russell stays, even yet. Wake up people!!!. If he wins that million dollars, I will be very disappointed.


Sandra said...

I found out why they haven't dumped Russell - this was filmed BEFORE his show even aired, so the other Survivors have no idea how heinous he really is!

Laurie said...

I'm trying to figure out how Nicki's piece will end up looking like the picture...but then again, I flunked geometry. LOL! I do like that pattern though...