Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Off The Island

Sleeve Island on the Sit Com Cardi was not an endless place. After only a couple of days of knitting, I am heading towards the exit sign. Sleeve number one is done.
Thank goodness for schematics. My gauge is smaller than the pattern, requiring more rows and more stitches than pattern instructions. I have a gauge-change formula I use in these cases, but still, seeing that schematic and knowing the sleeve is to be 14 1/2 inches long and 7 1/2 inches across means I can knit exactly to the size required. Schematics should be mandatory in all sweater patterns.

With both sleeves soon to be done, it is a quick matter to join the body to the sleeves and work towards the neckline. Bottom up is Elizabeth Zimmermann's favourite way to knit sweaters. She thinks the interesting 'parts' that happen at the top motivate the knitter and prevent boredom. She also claims in Knitting Without Tears that once the body is joined to the sleeves, "You will find yourself progressing like a house on fire, as the rounds will become shorter and shorter." Motivation indeed. I am excited.

Giselle of Crafty Beaded Knitter commented yesterday to suggest I block the ribbing portion of the body of this sweater before ripping it back. Isn't that a smart idea? If the ribbing uncurls and stays that way with blocking, much knitting time will be saved. Since the body is just hanging around at the moment while I visit sleeve island, it might as well be blocking. Thanks Giselle.


Needles said...

OK, that is cool. I think i knew this and may have even done this at one time, but I really never thought about it as such a simple thing. Its written down and on my wall.

And that nifty tutorial following it? I'll use that a dozen times at work. We get asked about provisional cast ons often. People have a hard time with the various kinds. Treating it like an afterthought is brilliant.

Laurie said...

I think EZ has a good point. Whenever I start a sweater, I find that I'm ready to be DONE with it by the time I get to the sleeves. I'm embarrassed to say I've made many sweaters with too-short sleeves because of this.