Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My 'May 24'

The weather couldn't have been more magnificent. As the weekend drew to a close, the weather man reported that it was the nicest 'May 24' in 5 years. Later those 5 years were 'upped' to 10 years. This morning, in the weekend weather re-cap, the report was 'the nicest weather in 15 years'. Things improve with age, it seems.

Friday was certainly a great day to have a picnic on the banks of the Avon in Stratford.
My nieces - I call them the born-again nutritionists as they have evolved from kids who ate nothing but individually-packaged, ready-to-eat stuff, to young women who read every label and eat nothing that is not whole wheat and chemically un-doctored - were impressed with the Organic Apple Cider and the home made bread.

Kiss Me Kate was wonderful, of course. Ontarians are lucky to have the world's best performers so close to home. I 'just had' to buythe CD and have been belting out 'Brush Up Your Shakespeare' since Friday.

There was knitting too. Not quite finished, but well on it's way, Sit Com Cardi has only a few rows to go.
It is about 6 rows past it's signature, decorative, eyelet row.

And you can see that I found time for a manicure over the weekend. A great 'May 24'.


Gisella said...

I've just decided that I need a sitcom cardie too! A project in mindless stocking stitch - it's just so soothing to motor through that!
I wish you a happy finishing off of yours! Can't wait to see the final result.

Stratfordfest said...

It was a wonderful weekend in town! It sounds like you had a great time in Stratford and enjoyed the production of Kiss Me, Kate. I just love "Brush Up Your Shakespeare", I hope that lasts through out the season because I can hear it in my office every once in a while. It's my favourite from the show.

Sel and Poivre said...

Is it just me or are you flying along a bit quicker without the "weight" of Ms. Zimmerman being carried along?

Anne Campbell said...

Ah, that sounds like such fun! And looks like fun too. Your Sitcom Cardie is coming along so well - and I love the results of your manicure. You accomplish so much in your knitting - I'm impressed!

Laurie said...

I spent an afternoon in Stratford once on the way to Toronto...lovely town. The cardi is coming along nicely. Can't wait to see you modeling it! :-)