Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Something In Common

Knitterly Anne and I have something in common. She just has more of them.

I had mine out the other day researching suitable-for-socks lace patterns.
It took me long enough to browse through these. I'm sure glad I don't have as many as Knitterly Anne.

Look what was cast off my needles last night.

It is 'little summer sweater' personified. Colour. Style. 3/4 sleeves. Perfect. It needs edging - 4 rows of a reverse stockinet rolled edge down both fronts and around the neck. Followed by the sewing in of ends and it's ready to wear - should the weather cool off.


Anne Campbell said...

Yup, I guess I do have a lot of stitch dictionaries!

I love your Sitcom Cardi. Maybe you will go somewhere with the AC turned way up - can be plenty for a sweater.

Sel and Poivre said...

I was in a meeting last night when it was still quite hot outside and I was frozen by the time I went home. I would have loved to have a summer weight cardigan to pull over my shoulders!

Anonymous said...

great cardi!

Needles said...

Perfect cardi. I think I missed your yarn choice. May I ask again what is it?

I own an embarrassment of books but they are my first love. That I have so many knitting books is no surprise to me. I have all, ALL the Harmonies, and I have all 4 of Barbara Walkers. I refuse to invest in the Vogue books. So where do I usually find patterns? In my old copy of Mildred Graves Ryan's Complete Encyclopedia of Stitchery. Nice patterns, not too many to chose from, just right.

Laurie said...

I have a lot of those books, too, but I always fall back on the Barbara Walkers. Love the cardi, especially those cute rows of garter stitch.