Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

I didn't know until this afternoon when I walked up the street to the library.  Someone had written it on the sidewalk.  It is  Ontario Public Library Week.

Meaford Library is small.  Too small really.  Meaford library is old.  Too old really.  But it has a heart the size of Texas.  Today, right inside the front door,  was a table with coffee and goodies.  To celebrate  Ontario Public Library Week, the staff had provided these treats  for all   library patrons.  Upstairs, we weren't long at our needles  when two of the librarians visited, bringing  goodies just for knit group.

 These aren't your Grandma's librarians, that's for sure.  Thanks ladies.

Sandy, still cleaning out her yarn room, brought more magazines again this week.  They were to be recycled either to us -  or to the 'box'. 

I took two
and might go back for more if they are still available next Thursday.

 Gail brought her purple cardi  today.  She finished it last spring and has been waiting for cool fall weather to wear it.

It is this Sirdar pattern
 knit with this Sirdar yarn.

Gail's sweater is gorgeous.  Beautiful back.

And beautiful front.  You appear pleased, Gail.  As you should be.
Gail has decided to not put  the button on the front as shown in the pattern.  She prefers the open jacket look and is nervous of the garment pulling if buttoned as does the one  in the pattern photo. The simple, unshaped, front neck creates lapels. Isn't that cool?

Goodies.   Give-away magazines and a great fashion show.  Nice Thursday afternoon.

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Liz in the States said...

Librarians bearing snacks--it doesn't get much better! And what a nice thing for them to do. <3

Please tell Gail, that cardigan is fabulous!

Love the Thursdays AFKG posts! Thanks, Brenda.