Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

I missed a special day at knit group last week.  Fred and I headed to Ottawa last Thursday to catch son Peter's art show in the Byward Market. Little did I know that Sandy was bringing bags of yarn from sister Sue, the knitter we call  Bag Lady Sue. We started calling Sue that because she knit mostly hand bags that she then felted.  But maybe we should call her that because about once a year she sends us bags of her cast offs.   Everyone took their fill last Thursday then they sent me an  email saying they had saved me 'my colours.'

Sister Sue buys high-end yarns.  Cast-offs from Sue in my colours?  Yippee.  But,  I was expecting a few balls.  Perhaps a small grocery bag of balls.  I sure wasn't expecting this.

Holy yarn, Batman. That is one heck of a lot of cast-offs.  Remember, everyone else got their fill last week. These are what Sandy set aside for me. Thank you Sandy for carrying this bag back and forth  for two weeks in a row. And thank you Sue for the great yarn give-away.

Ruth, examining poor Doreen's scarf disaster (she inadvertently pulled out the needle) is wearing a sweater knit with yarn from Sue's 2014 great yarn give away.
Your yarn lives on, in Meaford, Sue.

Sharon brought her wheel to knit group today.
It is a special, spin-in-public-time for spinners. Sharon had some brown fleece on the wheel but showed off her brightly coloured fleeces from Custom Woolen Mill purchased while on a summer vacation in Alberta.

Wilma wondered if her baby blanket was large enough.
She is ready to move on, she said.   Last week, she had Jean show her how to  knit two socks on two circs.
Wilma  said her personal jury is still out on whether she enjoys this new technique. She will enjoy having two socks finished at the same time, for sure.

Quite a few of our knitters are still showing off  knits from  their Knitters Fair purchases.  Sharon R has a lovely cowl.  Intended as a  Christmas gift, Sharon thought she should try it out to make sure it works.

Deana is almost finished her colourful cowl.

And Sandy has another - you guessed it , shawl - almost finished with her Knitters Fair yarn.

Such a lot of yarny goodness. I love Thursdays.

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Anonymous said...

I love knit group too! re: Doreen...lifelines are my friend..I am always having my work fall off the needles if they are metal. Argh!I identify, Doreen.
Such pretty cowls on display!
I love that shot of Sharon at her wheel..such a calming photo!.
Thanks for sharing Thursdays are for Knit Group, Brenda!