Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Almost There

After a couple of weeks of non-stop,  go-go-go, we are now, finally,  'home alone'.  There was the Ottawa/Montreal trip. Then came Toronto for a  family wedding,
followed by Peterborough for Thanksgiving.  Home one day for 'prep' because we had Hearst friends coming to visit for a few days. 

The good news is that with all that driving, I accomplished lots of knitting.  My NACY? pullover is almost at my desired length.  I show it here against My Valentine, knit  earlier this summer.  I think NACY? will have the same border as My Valentine.  A simple garter stitch trim which lies flat and isn't too bulky around the hips.  Once that is finished, it is on to the sleeves.    Hopefully they will fly by as quickly as the rest of the sweater.  I now need to finish this one in a hurry as I've had a request. 

My niece for whom I knit Hippie Blue last year about this time, has requested another sweater.  She saw Glenora at Thanksgiving and loved it.  A maroon Glenora is her request and I am happy to oblige.  Just as soon as NACY? is finished. 

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