Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Land Ho!

My circular yoke sweater is moving along nicely.  Even sleeve island hasn't seemed overwhelming.  One sleeve finished and number two begun.

The same panel of cream coloured stitch pattern that I placed on the yoke,  I have also used for the sleeve cuff.
 The sweater needs the cream for a couple of reasons.  It makes the dark teal pop and also ensures that it matches the skirt I plan to wear with the sweater.  But to have it only on the neck, I thought, would make it seem less special than it could be.  Placing the cream in two locations gives the sweater the well-planned look I am going for.

So yoke and sleeves it is.  If I can finish this one before November, I should have time to knit my niece's Glenora plus the Christmas sweater I hope to wear this season.  It's good to have goals. 



Sel and Poivre said...

You're a knitting machine! What productivity!

Anonymous said...

sleeves are a pain. but you are breezing right along!t_a