Friday, October 9, 2015


In striving this year to use up stash and knit sweaters long in my queue, next up after Glenora, is this beauty. 
From Cabin Fever's Need A Circular Yoke? book, (in my knitting library for only one year) and knit with Cascadde 220 ( in my stash for only ten months) it has been, so far, a really fun knit.

With the NACY? book, knitters have options.  Choose a neckline style from the several given.  Then choose a style for the transition rounds (increase rounds) followed by the choice for which and how many decorative panels to include.  Then comes the bust darts
and if you choose, as I did, waist and hip shaping.  Fun!

My neckline, The Mandarin, I chose simply because it  was new to me. 
It is an I Cord of sorts and quite attractive, I think. 

Next I chose the Ridged Transition style for the increase rounds  as it most closely matched my Mandarin Neckline, I thought. 
Look closely and you will see the Ridged Transition Rounds (increase Rounds) in the darker colour, above and below the cream colour section.

For the decorative bits, I chose  only one   panel. I wasn't so much looking for the traditional yoke appearance for this knit  but I did want both the dark and light colours in my sweater.  My decorative round is  worked in a textured pattern of knits and purls and done in the creamy off-white. 

All of the above were choices I made.  No pattern dictated to me what had to be done. Instead I chose what pleased me most.  Sure, it required more reading of the instructions but in the end a much more satisfactory result for a  knitter like me.

After a week or so of knitting, I am  starting the below-the-waist increases for hip room.  Then on to sleeves.  Not only fun, but quick too.


Anonymous said...

I love Deb's Patterns!

Sel and Poivre said...

Oh I think that collar detail is fantastic!

Deb @ cabinfever said...

Love your choices. I have certain people in mind when I write a book and you were one of the knitters I thought about for this book. I'm so glad you're knitting a circular yoke. It looks great.