Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

The cool, windy, fall weather today was perfect for knit wear.  I wore Glenora to knit group
 and wasn't surprised to see many others took advantage of the cooler weather to bring out their woolies.

Sharon was wearing a great wool poncho.  With a warm and cozy, cowl collar, it is perfect for fall.

 Doreen has miles of scarf to keep someone warm.  
These several yards of scarf  all came from one ball of yarn.  Still more to come.  This scarf, Doreen will donate to the hospital for their annual Bazaar.

Wilma finished the gorgeous scarf/shawlette with the wool her daughter brought back  to Canada from her year in Malaysia.
This is a beautiful piece. Great colour, great knitting.

Jean's getting ready for the November Spinners show with these little socks.  Two little socks on two circs.  Aren't they cute?

Carol didn't have a good knitting day.  She ripped more than she knit.  
When you are working on something like this scarf, with it's very geometrical lace pattern, mistakes are easily seen.  No fudging here.  So rip it was.  She's back on the right track now.

The forecast for our area calls  for chilly temperatures  on the weekend.  A knitters  favourite forecast.  Layer on the woolies, people.


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So luck to come across your excellent blog. Thank you for taking the time to post this

Anonymous said...

I have some of Carol's 'days', for sure.
Doreen reminds me of the video "The Last Knit" with her miles of scarf!! Way to go, Doreen!
Great photos of all great projects for followers like me to enjoy!
Thanks for sharing on this fine blog, Brenda.
t_a in Massachusetts