Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Between returned snowbirds and visitors there was a great crowd at knit group today.  Carol,  mastering her new tablet, took some great pictures of her winter knitting.  I took pictures of her pictures.  How far photography has come.

This is an entrelac afghan.  The most entrelac I have ever challenged myself to do is a scarf.  Something this big I would never tackle.  But it is lovely, Carol.

Still on the entrelac path, she showed me a picture of a shrug she made.  Beginning with Entrelac in the centre back,  you then pick up stitches and work ribbing  round and round.  A one of a kind piece.  

Then she showed me this lovely cabled poncho with sleeves.   Quite a winter's work to show off, Carol.

Sharon brought a new toy.  It attracted much interest.

Called a Lucette, it produces, what appears to be a type of double-wide corking.  Used to fasten medieval clothing parts, said Sharon.  Although the only reference I could find to Lucette online was that is was the name of Paul Bunyan's girlfriend.  

Sharon R has been working on her  first Intarsia. Sharon , a relatively new knitter is always looking for projects that will expand her knowledge base.  And she doesn't shy away from a challenge. 

This is  a child's sweater with Elephant Intarsia just above the bottom ribbing.   A beautiful job you have done, Sharon.

 And your new socks are lovely too.

Sandy worked quickly throughout the afternoon to finish her latest linen shawl.  A little too quickly it would seem as the cast off puzzled both her and Nan. 

Seems  it wasn't quite right.
 As Sandy said, no matter how long you've been knitting,  you can always find new ways to screw up. 

 It took a re-do, but she finished before we left.  

Nan, clever  fibre artist that she is,  has  recently taught herself to crochet.  After only 4 hours she has a great shawl to show for her efforts. 

 Lovely stitch, which Nan called the Granny Square Stitch.  Is that the same as a double crochet?

Another great day at knit group.  Nice to see the snowbirds back.  We like having them back more than they like being back. But knit group helps they tell us.


Sel and Poivre said...

Wow. That group of yours is one productive bunch of knitters!

Needles said...


You mentioned going to Maryland on my blog. To the Sheep and Wool Festival? Do check out the story tellers. I will try to get you times and such, but a very good friend of mine, Tim Livengood is going to be appearing and story telling. My worlds are going to collide!!