Friday, April 3, 2015

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Late again this week.  Blame it on Mommy - the movie being shown at Meaford Hall after knitting yesterday.  I mis-read the flyer.  When it said 140, I thought it read 1:40. One hour and 40 minutes.  Lots of time to get home for dinner and post on the blog.  Instead it meant 140 minutes.  Two hours and twenty minutes.  A bit long - for both my schedule and the movie. This morning I am playing catch up.

We were thrilled to see Sandy B, back from Florida.

 Must be tax time.  All my friends and acquaintances that head south for the winter  come back to file their taxes.  Such good little Canadians.

Sandy was on a shawl-knitting spree this winter.  With this one, she said, she struggles to determine the best wearing position.  Wilma gave it a try.

Like this?

Or this?

Or get Nan to help?

Or wear it back to front.  Lots of options.

Sandy's second shawl is knit with Linen.  Sandy's favourite, Florida fibre.  Or as they say in Florida, fiber.

Horrified, Sandy noticed an error.  A now, never-to-be-fixed error.  Despite the flaw, Wilma modelled it anyway. Sandy described it as a great piece to throw into a purse ready to throw over one's shoulders in a chilly restaurant.  Oh what a life she leads down there.

Wilma was  a busy model yesterday.  Finally she finished her vest.

 Great fit, Wilma.  I like the open look.  Like me, Wilma knit the buttonholes but will wear it without buttons for the first few times.  Who knows.  Maybe it will stay like that. Many of mine do.

Gail finished the yellow baby sweater at knit group yesterday.

I love the yoke detail

 and think it might be easy to copy that design into an adult sweater.

As I was packing up ready to head to the movies, Wilma said , "Not yet. Not yet."  
"A few more stitches and this second vest will be finished."  Wow. A two-fer.  Way to go Wilma.

It even looks good in the unblocked state.

 This is Leaflet, from Knitty.  Fits Sharon too.  Maybe you can share, Wilma.

Spring seems to have sprung. Cotton is heading for the needles.  Happy Easter Everyone.


Anonymous said...

I haven't visited for quite a while. Great things going on. I am especially taken with the stunning cables in Wilma's vest!
t_a in New England

kayT said...

Please tell me the name of the pattern of Wilma's cabled vest; I have been looking for a pattern like that one and failing. It's gorgeous.