Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Warm temperatures, sunny skies and gorgeous work shown at knit group today.

Carol has a lace-weight, silk top close to completion.  Wide and drapey, in such a gorgeous colour  -   you have a winner on your hands,  Carol.

Gail and I have similar taste it would appear.  She showed us the sweater she is working on.  A purple beauty.

Apparently, Sharon told her she needed something difficult to knit.  To challenge herself.  Gail  must have agreed  as she went over to Riverside Yarns and purchased pattern  

and yarn for this beauty.  Recently, I was in  Riverside Yarns myself and purchased the same pattern. The yarn is a wool/acrylic blend.  The addition of the acrylic makes it very light-weight.  I'll copy you on this one, Gail.

We mocked Sharon R. today.  Aren't we cruel?  Gail noticed it first.  Then Nan tried to show her a different way but ended up saying - "Hey, if it works for you, go for it."  I am speaking of the way Sharon  holds her right hand to purl when working with 4 double pointed needles.

See how far back on the needle she has her grip.  More like holding a wooden spoon to stir the pot.

But since she is almost finished this great piece,  I guess it doesn't slow her down.


Sandy looked like spring itself in a light green blouse with her latest green shawl.  

Here she shows us her latest, newest needle holders. Not some little tip cover that can slip off leaving  a devastating loss of stitches, but rather these     l o  n  g      tube-like holders.   

Wilma was working on a top-down sweater all afternoon.  Then she wasn't.  Ripping it out, she said   "I made a mistake"  A non-fixable mistake obviously.  Such a shame.

 Unless you think of it as an opportunity to do more knitting.

Some silk.  Some wool.  Some cotton.  Some Linen. Must be the in-between season.  Our yarn selection might change with the seasons, but our hands are always  knitting. 

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