Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Vaguely Vogue

My Vague, Not Precise Tee,  with its shirt-tail hem, has had more than a few re-starts.
 I am surprised and disappointed that a Vogue pattern would leave the knitter so puzzled and confused.  Like the section that mentions to  knit for x  inches from the underarm markers.  Not a complicated instruction - except for this point. There are no underarm markers!  Read and re-read the pattern as many times as you like - there is no mention of markers period. Anywhere.

Does Vogue not have any editors?  I sometimes counsel beginner knitters that 'free' patterns are often worth what one pays for them.  But I paid full retail for this latest issue of Vogue.  Little wonder I prefer to knit from my head,  not a pattern. 

My re-design of the cute-but-frustrating,  shirt-tail tee has two rows of stockinet stitch in the middle of the lace  portions.  Without it, the lace was so-o-o-o much more stretchy than the stockinet as to make the overall shape just too wonky.  The pattern calls for 22 rows of lace, so I knit 10, then two rows of stockinet, then another 10 of the lace.

It give some interest, keeps the stretching down to manageable  and still looks fine.  IMO.

I'll soon arrive at neckline and shoulder shaping.  Can't wait to see what the pattern suggests I do there.


Sel and Poivre said...

The pattern instructions in magazines are generally so cryptic to save them space that I find it generally "costs" me, the knitter a lot more effort. In my experience both sewing and knitting Vogue is particularly bad for this.

BTW when I first saw your photo at the top of the post I thought you were making a lace baby soaker! Ha!

Sandra said...

This is so frustrating! I agree about free patterns, but you paid for this! You should email them or the designer with your concerns - they should provide support.