Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursdays Are for Knit Group

X- rated, Parental Guidance, Restricted, Adult Entertainment.  Name the censorship label and it applied to the conversation today at knit group.  The knitters have told me that I cannot!! write about today's discussion on the blog.  Too riske.  Let's just say that google was used lots,

 the laughter came in hoots and men would have found the topic painful.

Yet still there was knitting.  Bonnie knitting a scarf.

Wilma started a sweater - Ce Ce - from Chic Knits.


Sharon was knitting socks - since she learned how to knit socks this past year, she has become a sock knitting machine.

 Sandy worked on another beautiful, baby-buggy blanket in mitered squares. 

Lots of laughter and chit chat accompanied our knitting.

  Even if I can't tell  you what we talked about. 

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