Monday, May 26, 2014

14 Days Late

Mothers' Day, my annual  'Is spring here yet?' test day,  it was clear that our yard backs onto a Church.  Meaning, if there are not enough leaves on the trees to hide the Church, it is most definitely not yet spring. 

Mothers Day this is what I saw from the patio door.

Saturday, this.  Quite a difference.

I now know for sure - Spring is 14 days late this year.  But here at last.


Needles said...


There were 2 days before Saturday that qualified as spring, but Saturday was absolutely lovely!

LynS said...

There are serious weather disturbances this year! Here in Sydney the predicted maximun temperature for today is 28 celsius. Every record for high May temperatures has been broken this month. So-called winter officially begins in a few days and I'm still wearing sandals. All very odd. Even perfect weather can become boring.

Vera said...

Better keep it there for my arrival!