Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

Since last Wednesday, I have been on a road trip. 
Lyn Gemmell, new-ish owner of Shelridge Yarns asked if I would go to Baltimore with her. She needed help to do her booth at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.  A road trip to a more southern clime after our never-ending, cold, wet spring?  It took me all of a nano-second to say 'YES!' 

And Baltimore didn't disappoint in the weather department.  It was short-sleeves warm and sunny.  Trees were in leaf,  green was grass  and blossoms were on all the cherry trees.  Lovely.

The festival itself was FUN!  Reportedly the largest fibre festival in North America, it was like no other I have ever been to.  There was an agricultural aspect to it with  barn after barn of sheep brought to the festival  for  top-sheep, sheep shearing and  (I'm sure) sheep with most unusual hair styles  competitions.



There was a county fair aspect to it with cotton candy, corn dogs, candy floss  and snow cones to eat. 

 There was a summer festival aspect to it with bands playing
 and visitors having picnics on the grounds.

There was also, of course, the wool festival aspect to it with barn after barn of vendors selling their wares. 

That's me counting cash to start our day.

It was a great weekend for me and I thank Lyn for taking me along. 


Anonymous said...

and thank you, Brenda for taking us all along.Fun. teresa_a

Needles said...

If I had not found this job, I was going to go to this show. Darn it, I could have met up with you too!