Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Who thinks knitting is a winter sport?  Today, a sunny,  warm, bright day and knitting ruled.

Ingrid was back from visiting her guy in Victoria with another 'pretty in purple'  piece. 

This shawl she says was made by casting on all the required stitches, increasing one stitch each row on  one end, while at the same time casting off one stitch on the opposite end.  Clever.

Someone else wearing 'clever' today was Sandy.  This is the  linen piece she made last spring.  Two rectangles with  built-in cap sleeves.  The front, with the twist, is a longer rectangle than the back in order to accommodate that twist.  Clever too.
Someone knows that Jean loves to spin. Look at all the drop spindles. 

Sandy's mitered square buggy blanket is almost finished - at least that is what the view from this side suggests.  

But Sandy made us look at this side too. Oops.  Finished could be far off.   

Sharon's into the spring greens. Both what she is wearing and what she is knitting.  

This is a little kimono-style baby sweater.  Knit in Koigu Kersti, it is  a lovely baby sweater, Sharon.

Miss Ruth is knitting socks but here she dropped a needle's worth of stitches.  She was not a happy knitter.
Lots of knitting.  Lots of sunshine.  What a great way to spend a spring day.

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