Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

With the sun finally warming our days, spirits were as bright as the yarn at knit group today.  And you should have seen the knitting!

Miss Sandy,  with her new, short, summer hair-do, is working on a project from her recent knitting cruise. 

This beaded lace was started in a workshop on the cruise.  This is outstanding, Sandy.

Lorrie is tackling her very first lace project. 

She took a   class from Nan at Riverside Yarns on knitting lace and look at her go.
 Smart lady,  for her first lace project,  she is using much thicker yarn than Sandy's fine, fine yarn.

Bonnie finished a diagonal scarf -  but is puzzled as to how to wear it. 

Gale had some suggestions that got Bonnie thinking.

This little baby cardi was knit by Sharon in Sirdar Crofter.  I love those colours.

Ingrid arrived wearing a piece that shouts 'I'm unique -Ingrid knit me.'


It wasn't the sweater she wanted to show us though.  It was this little fellow. 



Knit by Ingrid's  neighbour who specializes in knitting life-style pieces at a 1:12 scale.  We were all gobsmacked. Slack-jawed and gobsmacked.

Things knitters don't see everyday.  Non-knitters?  Probably never! But then they don't come to knit group. 


Sel and Poivre said...

That little wee white guy reminds me of a certain someone!

Valérie said...

Gobsmacked to be sure!! I'm cross-eyed just *thinking* of knitting something so adorably tiny.

Anonymous said...

I love Sandy's lace pattern stitch and especially the colorway she is using! So Summery!

Brendaknits said...

Terese - Sandy does intricate and precise knitting. Almost the exact opposite of me.