Monday, February 17, 2014

The Second Half

Yesterday, one of the Olympic announcers reported that in the second half, they expect Canada to get some medals.  I bet he was thinking of me.  Stay focused and keep knitting, Brenda.

At this point, I have the back, one sleeve, and the left front complete.  The left front was a quick knit - Friday evening and Saturday.  But then I ran into a Sunday hitch.  Too many social commitments meant practically no knitting at all.  It was evening before  I cast on for the right front.  I am up to round 4 of the lace.  It is at round 6 that armhole shaping begins.

Thinking forward to the end of the week, I have concerns about my medal-ing prospects.  Thursday afternoon, we leave home  to do a round of friends & family visiting.   It will be Sunday afternoon before we get back. What part of this Olympic project can I knit in the car and while visiting?  Perhaps not  Graylina's lace -  but sewing up and button bands  I should be able to manage.  That means things have to be blocked before we head out.  With that insight, blocking started  last night.

This morning, I laid out these pieces as they will be worn.  They look great.

Remaining still to be knit  - and blocked - before Thursday, are the second sleeve and the right front.    YIKES!!!  Can I do that?  Monday  and Tuesday for the right front.  Wednesday and Thursday for the sleeve.   That is the game plan.

 I vacillate between wanting to escape this pressure and thinking that I  should always have such deadlines    in my life.  Oh what I could accomplish!

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Ah Pool tables. Meant for blocking!