Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Gold In Sight Once Again

Ahead of the game by a full 24 hours, I can once again imagine achieving the Gold Medal.  Yesterday, I had developed a mini schedule   that set aside Monday and Tuesday to knit the right front of Graylina.  But  Hurray!!  I finished that piece last night.  This morning it is on the blocking board beside its  partner.

Next step  and best step, I feel,  is to now do  a three-needle bind off at the shoulders and pin my one finished sleeve in place.  The sleeve seems awfully long to me and I don't want to knit a second one the same size if it is too long.  That finished sleeve remains unblocked  for just that  reason. 

With a shoulder seam  though, I can pin it in place to check for accurate length.  With a template for sleeve two, I can proceed from there. That is today's plan.

PS - For some reason, despite having ticked the box that tells Blogger to send all comments through to my email (which makes it easy for me to respond) Blogger is sending  only some comments.   I had no idea until I was playing with Blogger on the weekend and noticed comments from Sigrun, Teresa and others.  You didn't receive any response from me, because I didn't  know you had commented.   I will try to get that problem fixed.  And thanks for reading and commenting.

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