Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Medals Ceremony

Despite  another Polar Vortex accompanied by blowing snow which meant    another   'most roads closed, many events cancelled'  day  in our area,  our knitting  Olympians received their medals today. 

Sharon's  doctor clearly doesn't understand  knitting.  She  insisted Sharon  have surgery!  Talk about interfering  big time with her Olympic knitting  plans.  Sharon soldiered on though and  managed a child's  pair of socks while recuperating. 

Bonnie and I were obviously   in a purple frame of mind for these Olympics.  Her  purple, patterned  socks  match my purple sweater well enough to be mine, don't you  think? 

Gail, despite  visiting grand kids impeding her progress, managed to finish her adult sized sweater during the Olympics.  It looks great, Gail.    Best fitting sweater she has ever knit, she claimed.  

Wilma, another of our knitters felled by health issues during the Olympics  still managed to finish a child's sweater with fair isle patterning.  Great troopers our knitters.

Rounding out the Olympic knitting even though you can't see their projects are  Ingrid's  house shoes  (left at home)  and Angela's hat   (too shy to wear it). 

Nicki, who managed to avoid having her picture taken did indeed finish that cute little sock yarn baby sweater.

Great fun and great knitting ladies.

If the Olympics are about inspiration,  take a look at  these two  knits.   Ingrid has an  almost- finished coat. 
Speechless, I was.

As I was again when I saw this. 


Sandy's sister - we call her Bag Lady Sue - knit this for her.  Have I ever mentioned that my sisters don't knit? 

In case you thought I exaggerated today's weather, take a look at Sharon #2 getting ready to walk home.


The winter Olympics might be over for another 4 years,  but obviously our winter isn't yet finished.  And of course, the knitting continues.


Sandra said...

Great job, Meaford ladies! And I'm beginning to think our winter will end sometime around August...

Christy J said...

-31 here this morning and buses cancelled so my winter woollies are getting lots of wear too. Congrats on all your Olympic knitting. I'm still waffling on my sleeves. That "poppy" shawl is amazing - lucky sister!

Arran said...

it was really nice meeting you ..and seeing all your lovely accomplishments
great Olympic challenge… and knitting in general !!

Needles said...

Because I have to know, is there a pattern for the shawl/wrap that Sandy's sister knit? You cannot just leave me hanging like this! I MUST know. it is fantastic!