Friday, February 28, 2014

Lucy In The Mail

Just off the needles and soon off in the mail, my second Lucy Hat.  Not normally a knitter who knits for others - you all know my self-centered tendencies when it comes to knitting -  this Lucy is the exception.  It was a special request from Liisa whose friends call her Lucy.  Hence the request.

Pattern:  The Lucy Hat by Carina Spencer
Yarn:  The Green is Carioca part of the Luxury collection.  55% Alpaca, 20% Wool and  25% Acrylic. The vareigated is Twilleys Freedom Spirit.  100% wool.
Modifications:  None
Mistakes I made:  None - Yes it really was me that knit it.
What I learned:  It really doesn't hurt to knit for others once in a while.

Enjoy your hat, Miss Lucy.


Sandra said...

Trust me, it's not that bad...

Linda said...

Cute!! And, you look good in that hat: feel like making another one, for your self?