Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Montreal - The Scotties - And My Olympic Knitting.

Home again from a few days in Montreal.  What a great city.  It had been way too many years since Fred and I had been there and I have to ask myself  "Why did we wait so long?"

The raison d'etre for the visit was the Scotties  - the Canadian Women's Curling Championships.   Add to that the fact that my neice  - she of the red hat -
has just re-located to Montreal with her job and wisely outfitted her living room with a queen size pull-out chesterfield.  That meant free accomodations  -    silly not to go.
We did the really typical touritsty things.  Lunch  at Swartzes Montreal Smoked Meat Deli,

with their as-famous-as-the-sandwiches, dill pickels.  "Small today - you get two," our waiter said.

Beyond the food, there was the  Scotties.  That cute little girl on the close  right is Deb Gemmell's daughter, playing for Ontario.

Speaking of Deb Gemmell, Fred finally figured out my phone and took our picture.

As at  every Scotties, there is the elderly - I would guess in his eighties -  fan who runs around the arena waving the flag when his team makes a great shot.  Moving so fast, he blurred my photo as you can see.

During one of our great Montreal restaurant meals, we watched the opening ceremonies for the Olympics on the large screen TV. That meant time to start my Olympic knitting.  Not a knit I could manage while watching the curling, I nonetheless completed a good stretch of the first sleeve.  

Time now  to sit and watch some more of the games and knit. 13 days to go.

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Sandra said...

mmmm, Schwartzes... I miss that most of all...