Thursday, February 13, 2014

Meaford Olympics

There may be Olympic athletes in Sochi, but they have nothing on the  knitters and Olympic knitting in Meaford.

Bonnie's Olympic challenge is a pair of socks with a fancy stitch pattern.  Although she is a great sock knitter, Bonnie has only ever knit  plain, stockinet socks.  This pair, with their patterned leg, is her challenge. Go Bonnie.

Also in the the foot-wear competition  is Ingrid.  As always, Ingrid knits without pattern.    These are slippers  - or house shoes - she says. 

I couldn't quite 'get' it so I took a close up.  Still not certain I get it, yet  I'm sure before the closing ceremonies, these will be house shoes.

Gail, during the 2010  Olympics, had blood pressure problems exacerbated in part from the stress of knitting a baby sweater.  Yet, this Olympics she has  taken on the challenge of knitting an adult sweater.  A sweater for herself, this is a top-down cardi from Button Up Your Top Down.  Looks like all that training has paid off, Gail.

Nicki has long wanted to sort out the complexities of  a particular top-down, baby sweater, knit in sock yarn.  She has taken it on as her Olympic Challenge.  So very cute, Nicki.
Nicki returned the photo-taking favour today and  snapped this shot of me in Sweatrrr.  It's a very comfy wear.

On track for gold, those Olympic projects are keeping everyone focused.  A great way to spend the TV time available to Olympic spectators like us.

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