Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Not the weather man nor the fact that the equinox is two weeks away, can convince some people that spring is not yet here.  Ruth arrived at knit group today bearing the first Snow Drop of 2013 to have appeared  in her garden.
 By all appearances, she is pleased to have found it.

Is it a Poncho?  A wrap?
Regardless of what it might be called, Sharon looks great in it.  It is  Sally Melville's 

Knit Round Scarf.  Knit in Noro Silk Garden, Sharon declares it   a warm and cozy piece that she has worn lots this winter.  The rest of us want to see her wear it as a mini skirt.

Doreen, we had trouble spotting today.  We found her hiding behind   yet another 'favour for a friend.'
Big.  Heavy.  Fair Isle too complicated for Doreen.    And now the threat of not enough yarn.  She will be glad to have it finished.

Wilma knit this little baby sweater.
The pattern is from Creative Knitting magazine and Wilma's version
was declared 'so cute' by all of us, this afternoon.

Jean had finished her 'over a tee' top
 destined to accompany her on this summer's Yukon adventure.  She is not sure about it so we insisted she try it on.  Getting it on seems to be fun.

 We all loved it.  Even with my blurry photography,
it looks great.  Knit with Baby Bamboo, and still needing to be blocked, I can imagine it will grow nicely and drape beautifully.

Bonnie arrived wearing the perfectly-fit purple Vee neck she knit last year and I snapped her photo.

 "Why are you taking my picture?" she asked.  "To show off your nice sweater, of course."  Even last year's sweater deserves a picture. 

Another great Thursday afternoon that included a yarn give-away.  

Doesn't get much better.

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