Friday, March 8, 2013

Fingers For Deb

Fingers, not The finger.  Finished are my mittlets from Deb Gemmell's blog. 
Just in time too as Deb is taking the  pattern  down March 11.

These are fun little mittlets. Fun to knit, fun to wear.   Nothing that would prevent frost-bitten finger tips on a cold winter's morning.  But for sure a great accessory for city dwellers  where  subway tokens, texting,  typing and lookin' cool play roles at least as large as warmth and comfort.  Knitters might even call them Knittin' Mittens.  If you knit in a chilly, basement rec room as I sometimes do, these are the perfect accessory.  With fingers free, knit away while keeping your hands comfortably warm.  Perfect.

Despite making my first mitten much too long and having to rip back three times, these mittlets  are still a quick little something to knit up while watching the evening news.  Better the 6 o'clock than the 11 o'clock though.  At that late hour, fatigue and 'film at 11' could be distracting.

Unique to this pattern is the different cuff, the different gusset increase, and the gap-free thumb. 
All cute as can be and a typical Gemmell twist on what we too often  think of as the 'only' way. 
Thanks, Deb.   Cute, easy and free.  What's not to like?

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Deb @ cabinfever said...

Thanks for the comments on the mittlets. I'm glad you could do a test run on them and that they worked out. Just so everyone knows, the challenge was to put your own pattern on the back of the mittlets and Brenda, your cables look great.