Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Colour BLock

Knit but not yet blocked, is Colour Block.  Good timing,  as next week Fred and I leave for a little vacation on the west coast.  My experience with spring on Vancouver Island is that it isn't.  Mostly it is cool & damp.  Perfect, wool-sweater weather.  Colour Block will be the perfect item in my suitcase.  Warm enough to wear as a jacket on the not so cool &damp days,  yet a perfect piece under a spring jacket when the weather demands layers.

Here you see it laid out ready for final touches.

 Ends needs to be woven and the curling rib needs to be tamed. 

Design touches that particularly please me are the purple sleeve with it's  variegated green 'bracelet'  and the two-coloured button bands. 
The bands  start out with the lime green mohair on the 'hole' side then switch out  to the less hairy, less-likely-to-be-picky-on-bare-skin  green  around the neck and down the 'button' side. 

I am very happy with this sweater.  Happy with the creativity of it - no patterns were used in the production of this sweater.  Happy to have tried and been somewhat successful with Suzie M's Contiguous method.  Happy to have created such a  'You won't meet yourself coming down the street' design.  Happy to have used up so much stash.  Happy that it fits.  Happy that it is done in time for my vacation.  Just happy. 

If I can tame the trim and softened the puffiness of the purple sleeve cap, I will be happy with the perfectness of it all.  Total details in a day or so.

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Needles said...

I love how that turned out! The green is the perfect colour and texture of spiffify the rich purple. (Is spiffify a word?)